What does a Vaginal Orgasm Feel Like?

Many women have never had a vaginal orgasm. Many times it is because women don’t understand how to open themselves to orgasms in vagina, how to learn to create more fulfilling sexual energy.

Sometimes, however, the reason women think they don’t have a vaginal orgasm, is because they expect an orgasm inside the vagina to feel in a different way to what it really is supposed to feel like, so they have them but they don’t realise they have them.

This usually happens when a woman reports a great deal of pleasure inside the vagina, but she would say she still hasn’t had a female orgasm.

She would say that because she is used to getting clitoral orgasms more often – when the build up of arousal is very intense and then there is a sharp release of tension.

However, vaginal orgasms are not supposed to feel in the same way as a clitoral orgasm.

A clitoris is anatomically and physiologically similar to the penis, and it behaves like a penis. It gets aroused locally, sharp and fast; it reaches a peak of tension and then releases it in a sharp way, dropping arousal.

The vagina is designed very differently. It is aroused in a much slower way, the sensations are deep rather than sharp, they are sensual rather than exciting, and when an orgasm in a vagina happens it can be experienced as just a lot of pleasure, because it doesn’t happen so sharp, so quick, the boundaries are more blurred. A vaginal orgasm may come on more gradually, last longer, recede more gradually. This is ideally explored in a focused practice like yoni massage, which is part of a Tantric bodywork for Women, before a woman can start feeling it well in sex.

Sometimes women have a vaginal orgasm but because they expect the same sensation is from a clitoral orgasm, they do not recognise it as orgasm.

An orgasm inside the vagina is never going to feel like a clitoral orgasm, those are different nerves and different sensations, so it is best to learn to appreciate sensations in those two places as different experiences. To teach your body to listen to that range of sensations, a female Tantric massage with yoni massage is very helpful as a way of discovery.


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