How are Orgasms in Tantric Sex Different From Normal Sex?

Many people are curious how orgasms are different in Tantric sexual practice and technique. Presumably, if Tantric sex offers something special beyond normal sex, orgasms in Tantric sex will have something special to them too?

That’s right, and it takes place in a variety of senses.

First, there is a lot more variety of orgasms. Normally people have more or less the same kind of orgasm, or the same kind of feelings in one, because they normally have more or less the same kind of sex. In Tantric sex, the variety of scenarios, moods, sequences and techniques is much greater so there is a greater variety of how people experience their orgasms, depending on the day.

In addition, Tantric sex sensitizes the body to feel more subtle sensations, so women might have orgasms in Tantric sex easier, or have them in different locations of the vagina. This aspect is explored particularly well through learning a Tantric massage workshop for couples with Yoni massage techniques included.

Apart from that, there is something in Tantric sex that is called orgasmic sensations rather than orgasm. So orgasms in Tantric sex are not necessarily particular clear-cut events that stop sex temporarily or permanently. They are feelings that can occur at any time and even be felt in different parts of the body at different times.

Another point to make is that pleasure is defined differently. In normal sex the focus is very much on the physical pleasure. In Tantric sex there are added dimension of feeling emotional ecstasy, happiness, intimate connection. So an orgasm in Tantric sex may include all these dimensions too and thus provide a fuller experience than an orgasm in normal sex.

However, and importantly, orgasms in tantric sex are not an objective. They are almost irrelevant. The point of Tantric sex is to be happy completely in this moment, to connect to it truly and enhance it. This actually makes all those interesting orgasmic experiences more possible. But they happen as a surprise, if one becomes obsessed with getting these special orgasms in Tantric sex they will become either less possible or not as satisfying. This is why a good Tantric massage will focus first of all on dissociating from an orgasm as an aim, and a good Yoni massage will focus on appreciating the pleasure of the moment rather than building it up.


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