Tantric Healing – The Sexual Healing for Women in London

What is a Sexual Healer?

In recent times the popularity of spiritual sexuality and sexual healing for women, especially Tantric sexuality , has risen dramatically. Many people have entered the field of teaching Tantric sex, doing Tantric massages, Yoni massages, tantric talks and healing in the area of sexuality.

Since there is no regulating body for “Tantric sexual healer for women”, practitioners advertising as such can be either genuine or not, and any training courses are not accredited, being essentially personal experiences of trainers passed on to the students who would like to learn sexual healing from someone more experienced in practice.

 Is a Sexual Healer the same as Sex Therapist?

When looking for a sexual healer in London, a woman can’t use the same criteria as when looking for a sex therapist. A formal sex therapist will use conventional methodology that is strictly limited in order to be formally accredited.

A sexual healer will often use alternative methods, such as Tantric practices or other bodyworks and tools developed by pioneers in the area, but not approved by the establishment. A healer is someone who will also have an intuitive and natural ability to heal, but in this case you are not talking about general healing – it will be an understanding specifically in the area of sexuality which is a very specific area.

Often the work will happen in a more direct, body-centred, energy-focused way. For a client it can be a leap of faith, perhaps often after trying conventional sexual therapy, but it can often bring great shifts because the sexual healing works directly with your body.

The issue with sex therapy is that it is often not enough to limit it to talking or processing your beliefs and mental states. Most of the time there is the need for sexual healing is in the body – body memory, habit, conditioning, uncontrolled responses.

In many cases, some sort of direct physical work with the sexual body is needed to rewire those patterns. For Tantric healers the controlled and professional way of doing it is through a professionally framed Tantric massage or a therapeutic Yoni massage. There can be tremendous results and sexual healing achieved this way, which can be difficult to access with conventional sex therapy.

Naturally, there is no official regulation for this kind of work. A Tantric sexual healer may come from a therapeutic profession to start with but it is all down to the quality of training and experience in this particular area. A true genuine sexual healer is a person with a gift. The sector is flooded, however, with people offering Tantric bodyworks in all sorts of interpretations.

practical and experiential teaching of tantric sex

How to find a genuine sexual healer in London?

It can be unnerving for a woman to go in search of a sexual healer in London. The usual first concern – that it would be someone predatory and malicious – is actually not likely to be the most likely scenario as a person like that would rarely succeed in presenting himself as a genuine Tantric healer for women without setting off alarms. You do have to be aware of such risks as anywhere else but the untrustworthy signs are usually easy to spot.

In most healers you come across some degree of genuine intent will normally be there. The more common situation in this field is to find healers in this area with little competence. This is especially true when you are looking for a sexual healer who works with women, as female sexuality is so delicate and needs such a high degree of intuition and very deep understanding.

Someone who advertises sexual healing to women may not have gotten their own sexuality under control enough to provide sexual healing to someone else. Or they may be working from template knowledge, without enough investigative approach, which leaves little scope for what they can actually deal with effectively. This is a common situation as there is very little access to genuinely effective knowledge for this kind of spiritual healing. The vast majority of massage parlours in London that offer Tantric massages and yoni massages, for example, are nothing more than an adult service. It may be harmless but it’s not effective for real healing.

Another kind of sexual healer for women that can cause concern is someone who is in the job mainly for prestige. The nature of the job is such that it gives a romantic and enticing title which can make one focus more on their own pride of being in such an unusual and ‘sexy’ job instead of focusing completely on serving clients.

A Tantric sexual healer needs to be driven by love and a down to earth understanding of the woman’s wellbeing in sexuality, and the client’s need for it.

The reason this can become a problem is that a person who has this imbalance between self-appreciation and service can get insensitive to the actual needs of a client in this particular field and can even be on the course to bend them to his / her will. This is a common problem in the area of Tantric sexual healing, and especially male sexual healers for women, because male ego is more easily flattered by this work, and it is incredibly difficult to make own sexuality egoless.

So, which are the characteristics that describe a good sexual healer?

If you are looking for a Tantric sexual healer for women, you can’t choose one in the same way you would choose a sex therapist – credentials etc. It’s going to be about experience and understanding. It’s going to be personal work and personal contact is important. Trust is paramount. Personality is intertwined with competence. The method can be more effective than something more conventional, but it will be new to you.

You can’t simply look at someone’s qualifications as no official qualifications for sexual healing exist, and from the unofficial ones anyone can go on a weekend course or get taught a number of technique that look serious but don’t actually address real life issues in sexual healing.

You have to see what feels right to you and makes sense. You then have to speak to that healer and describe your situation and your problem honestly. You have to hear what the professional will suggest for your healing and how it would work. You have to voice all your concerns and hesitations and see how the professional approaches them for you. You have to discuss your safety and see that the professional has a working way of providing it. Then if it all make sense to you you can try the first step in a controlled and limited extent and see if it feels right to you.


You don’t need to decide on your own if Tantric Therapy is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how
tantric therapy can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this
will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me
without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
There is nothing to lose or to risk – a phone chat is safe and anonymous for you at distance.

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