Physical safety

I completely understand that London has everything, and any woman looking for a tantric massage or a yoni massage is concerned for safety in a delicate field like this. I accept this anxiety you have as very reasonable and I am committed to making you feel safe and reassured.

I will completely agree with you that you have to be careful who you work with in London, and this area of work does contain people who are not real professionals.

Like in any other area of work you have to evaluate who is a real professional and who isn’t. It is safe for you to do a tantric massage or a yoni massage with a genuine professional and not safe to work with someone who isn’t.

Do have a good read through my site and have a feeling if what I say transmits to you that I know my field of expertise and therefore do my work with the purpose that you seek.

Do have a call with me and see if it feels right, if you feel reassured, and if you feel like you are talking to a professional.

If you like you can also call one of my existing Tantric massage clients for extra reassurance.

Having a call with me is a completely safe and practically anonymous place to start and you will get a good idea in a real conversation.

Psychological safety

Safety for women in a Tantric massage / yoni massage is not just about physical safety but also feeling safe doing this delicate work, putting yourself into someone else’s hands and trusting that they know what they’re doing.

You may be concerned how you will feel – during, after; whether something difficult might happen in a session, or a negative effect, or whether you will just be comfortable working with me.

Generally you can find out by simply talking to me. You can voice your concerns and I will tell you if they are justified, or what we can do to make you feel reassured and comfortable. I have worked for many years with different people, so there is probably a good solution for your concern, even though you might not think of one yourself. You may also be imagining the experience of tantric massage in a way that’s not how it really is – and I can often address this.

You can clear a lot by just talking to me.

Likewise, I will honestly tell you if something may be a bit too delicate to work with, as it’s important for me to keep everyone safe, and I may honestly tell you that a Tantric bodywork is not the best avenue for you.


Some clients who come to me in London for Tantric bodywork for women worry about confidentiality but of course it is something absolutely paramount to me. Please rest assured that while you’ve only just thought of this, I have to be mindful of it every single day so your confidentiality will be well taken care of. I don’t underestimate how important confidentiality is in a delicate work like mine.

I protect my clients absolutely. I’ve even worked with some very high profile clients and ensured their utmost confidentiality.

My communication with you is by email and mobile number and I don’t take any other details. I can often advise on solutions if you need extra confidentiality.


To make a booking for a Tantric massage for women in my London studio please see the information on the session, prices and contacting me.

I also recommend that you take advantage of the free phone consultation to help you with this decision.


It’s hard to decide it all on your own – because you don’t know much about this. I can help you from my experience.

If you are not sure it’s ok – you can just discuss it with me.

Please email and tell me about your reasons for wanting to see me, what you need help with. I will be happy to tell you whether I can help.

If it is something I can help with, we can set up a phone chat to discuss more in detail. I can explain to you more how a tantric massage would work in your case and we can discuss reassurances, safety and comfort for you.

This way you can explore the possibility without anything to lose or to risk and then you can decide if it is right for you.

Remember that you can also start with online consultations, which really helps.

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