Doing a Tantric massage or Yoni massage with me you are working with a professional. I am aware of various issues in Tantric bodyworks that may cause discomfort, and I have a lot of experience in offering different options and solutions to ensure you are comfortable in your massage experience. You comfort is a priority.

It is natural that you will be shy and nervous.

I understand that a for any woman, a Tantric massage is an unusual experience. It is normal that you will feel shy or apprehensive about this bodywork. It isn’t something you need to be rid of before you come.

So when we meet we will start with a warm and relaxed chat which I would like to be a time for you to relax, get comfortable and feel that you completely understand what we are doing here. I want you to feel that you will be supported.

I understand that first of all you will want to be comfortable with me as a person, so you can read some info about me or just give me a call and I will be happy to converse.

You may also be wondering whether this kind of a sensual massage experience is something you would prefer to receive from a woman – you could read Why Tantric Massage Is Best From a Man?

Traditionally, a sensual Tantric Massage for women is performed on a fully nude client (I will be dressed). Such is the nature of this bodywork. It is a genuinely full-body sensual massage, i.e. it normally includes every part of your body. It is about integrating your whole being.

Naturally, this may require you to overcome some hesitations, such as shyness, anxiety, mistrust or apprehension. I am aware of this and you will have my support and care at every moment, and in itself overcoming those feelings will have a good effect on you.

Do You Have To Be Fully Nude?

You don’t HAVE to do anything. If you find this a mountain too high to climb, there are options. The most important thing to me is that this sensual massage is a comfortable and positive experience for you, so whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed will be accommodated, it is your call, and you will get the kind of sensual massage you prefer.

I can only give women my recommendation, and that recommendation is as follows: Tantric massage for women is a great deal more effective on all levels if you are fully nude. We are working with sexual energy and we access it through your sexual body.

While this bodywork is about giving your whole body more attention than usual and making it whole more sensitive, your most sexual areas have a very important place in all this (see Yoni massage). Not only are they the strongest gateways to your sexual energy, they also tend to carry a lot of negativity through false belief, conditioning, alienation and negative experience and it tends to be important to give them some loving attention.

You can exclude or cover anything you want as long as you don’t expect to feel the same quality of sensation as a nude client. That would be magic.

Options For Nudity

However, if for that first Tantric massage you are prepared to trade some effect for extra peace of mind, I have the following options for you:

– You could choose to leave items of clothing on. It is better to wear a bikini, rather than underwear, since it is less tight on your body and is also more comfortable psychologically. If you can, wear just the bottom half.

– If you are too shy for that, I can offer you a luxurious silk gown, very pleasant on your skin, and I can start the massage through that.

What if you change your mind either way?

At any point during the tantric massage you can change the option and decide to take something off or put something on. You can even stop the session if you suddenly become uncomfortable.

What will I think of your body?

There is no need to be self-conscious on a larger scale during the Tantric bodywork, such as if you are not comfortable about your body. This might be exactly why you are here and how a Tantric massage can help you.

I am here to show you through the Tantric bodywork the beauty every woman carries inside from birth, regardless of what she thinks of her appearance. That inner beauty, when accessed, affects your outer beauty.

You are not here to impress me, I am here to give and you are here to receive. I have worked with all types of clients and my hands love them all equally.

Your wishes will be respected

Communicate with me. Tell me what you would like out of your Tantric massage / Yoni massage, and what you do not like. What you mind and what you don’t mind. We will do it exactly the way that suits you.

(Naturally, at this point I have to remind you that I am a masseur, this is a genuine professional bodywork and it has no relation whatsoever to the sex market.)

In the end, it is about trust. After the first session you will be able to trust me totally. But the first session…Trust is intuitive, there is no method to it. If there was a method, it would immediately get exploited by clever people who you should not trust. Call me and talk to me.


To make a booking for a Tantric massage for women in my London studio please see the information on the session, prices and contacting me.

I also recommend that you take advantage of the free phone consultation to help you with this decision.


You don’t need to decide on your own if having a tantric
massage is the right thing for you.
It is not your job.
It is my job as a professional to explain to you how
tantric massage can serve you.
It is my job as a professional to reassure you that this
will be useful, safe and comfortable.
As a client, your next step is just to discuss this with me
without making any decisions, and see if this feels right.
There is nothing to lose or to risk – a phone chat is safe and anonymous for you at distance.

Take advantage of my free initial phone consultation